Justin Green Photography | T&Cs

Terms and Conditions

Payment on all work (commissioned, stock images, art prints etc) is required prior to any work being commenced / images being used. All stock image licensing is a minimum of 1 years usage and priced at the NUJ commercial rate. I do not work with any stock image agencies and images are only available to licence direct through myself. All stock images purchased must display © Justin Green Photography in the metadata and underneath the image. If the client does not wish for © Justin Green Photography to be displayed, then an extra cost for this will be added when quoting. I do not quote for social media usage due to these websites allowing for 3rd party usage and redistribution, stripping of metadata and copyright information out of my images. 

All Prints purchased through myself are approved and individually signed prior to delivery. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your ideas and requirements.

I do not work for free and I do not allow my images to be used for free. All images are © All Rights Reserved. My images are not to be downloaded, hotlinked, cropped or manipulated without my prior permission, doing so is a copyright infringement. 

All of my images (copyright and moral rights) are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the Berne Convention, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998 and any other international copyright laws.

Moral Rights: are the right to be identified as the author of a work, known as the right of paternity, the right to object to derogatory treatment of a work, known as the right of integrity, the right not to be identified as the author of someone else's work, and the right to privacy. The right of paternity exists for the entire copyright term, and requires individuals who commercially broadcast, sell, perform or exhibit literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works to identify the author of the work.


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