Terms and Conditions

Payment on all work (commissioned projects, fine art prints, stock images, etc) is required prior to any work being commenced / prints produced / images being supplied or used. 

All fine art prints purchased through Justin Green Photography are produced by a professional fine art photographic print company, using the finest photographic papers and lightfast inks. The prints are then approved by Justin, individually signed, and then sent to you for delivery. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas and requirements.

All stock image licensing is based on the NUJ London Freelance guide prices (plus incremental increase for 2021), a minimum of 1 years single usage, and Rights Managed. Any secondary usage of an image is an additional charge. Any licence beyond one year of usage is an additional charge. Payment for licence renewals are required prior to the expiry date. 

Justin Green does not work with any stock image agencies and images are only available to licence direct. All stock images purchased must display © Justin Green Photography underneath the image when in use. If a client does not wish for this to be displayed, then an extra cost for this will be added when quoting. All metadata, copyright info, etc, must remain in the photograph. Property or Model releases are not always required, however, if a release is required, it is the responsibility of the licence purchaser to obtain this. Justin Green Photography is not responsible for any property or model releases, and not liable for any claims. 

Justin Green does not work for free and he does not allow for his images to be used for free. Just like everyone else, he has a roof to keep over his head and mouths to feed. 

All images are © All Rights Reserved and All Moral Rights Asserted. Justin Green's images are not to be downloaded, stored, displayed, hotlinked, cropped or manipulated without prior permission. 

All Justin Green's images are protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the Berne Convention and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998 and any other international copyright laws. Anyone found using Justin Green's images without permission (this being an infringement of copyright) will be dealt with accordingly.

Moral Rights: are the right to be identified as the author of a work, known as the right of paternity, the right to object to derogatory treatment of a work, known as the right of integrity, the right not to be identified as the author of someone else's work, and the right to privacy. The right of paternity exists for the entire copyright term, and requires individuals who commercially broadcast, sell, perform or exhibit literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works to identify the author of the work.


Fine Art Prints – price depends on size, paper and delivery – please contact to discuss your requirements.

Commissioned work rate @ £120.00 per hour. General admin, post processing, transferring files, etc @ £80.00 per hour.

Stock image licence rates:
Commercial and business (website, business blog, article) online usage of 1 year.
Large 600 x 800 pixels                                             £900.00 GBP
Medium 400 x 600 pixels                                         £600.00 GBP
Small 300 x 400 pixels                                             £450.00 GBP
Further usage, per additional year is 20% of the above price. Secondary usage on the same website, is 20% of the above price, per year.

Editorial – newspapers, print usage of 1 day.
1/2 page                                                                    £250.00 GBP
1/4 page                                                                    £200.00 GBP
1/8 page                                                                    £150.00 GBP
1/16 page                                                                  £100.00 GBP
For additional online usage (website and not social media), add 75% (based on 1 years usage).

Magazines, including newspaper supplements – print only.
Cover                                                                        £550.00 GBP
Double-page spread                                               £500.00 GBP
Full page                                                                  £370.00 GBP
1/2 page                                                                   £240.00 GBP
1/4 page                                                                   £180.00 GBP
1/8 page                                                                   £150.00 GBP
For additional Magazine usage online, add 75% (based on 1 years usage).

Books – For a licence, please contact, due to the quantity, language editions, location and size of the image(s)

Music, 5 year licence: Digital download, album cover - £480.00 GBP, single track - £350.00 GBP. For printed covers for CD or Vinyl, please contact to discuss further.

Social Media – usage of 1 year.
1 website – single posting                                    £250.00 GBP
Additional postings of the same image on the same site add 20% per posting.
Multiple websites – unlimited usage, 1 year       £500.00 GBP
Further usage, per additional year, add 20%.

Subscription electronic mailer / newsletter  – 1 off usage.
10K and under subscribers                                   £290.00 GBP
50k and over                                                           £380.00 GBP
100k and over                                                         £480.00 GBP
250k and over                                                         £600.00 GBP

'© Justin Green Photography' and 'www.justingreen19.co.uk' is required underneath all usages. If a client requests this to not be mentioned, then a standard charge for this is an additional £300.00 GBP.

© Justin Green Photography 2024. 

© All Rights Reserved and All Moral Rights Asserted.

Please check back here for the latest terms and conditions. The above prices can be amended or revised at any time.

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